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Welcome to the RPV Munich homepage!


Regional planning carries out important future functions for the protection and advancement of Greater Munich as an attractive residential space and an efficient marketing area (here Greater Munich is defined as the planning region Munich).


This short information aims to offer you a succinct overview about regional planning.

The function of regional planning is to balance the space-important requirements of humans (such as living, leisure time, recovery, supply, traffic and work) and the natural conditions of our landscape.

In Greater Munich the Munich regional planning association (RPV) is responsible for regional planning. The Association strives to enduringly protect the social, economic and ecological bases of human life of the region contributing to an arranged spatial development of the region and guaranteeing its competitive ability in comparison with other European regions. Thus, it exists for the interests of approximately 2.4 million inhabitants in Greater Munich.

This page offers a concise explanation of the RPV's most important aspects, as well as those of Greater Munich and regional planning. You can find more detailed information in German under the main points on the overview page. In addition, you have access to a detailed glossary of technical terms under the Fachbegriffe link. Should you have suggestions, comments, questions or know how we can improve this site we would be pleased to receive them under the Ihre Meinung / Diskussionsforum link!

zum AnfangWhat purpose does this homepage serve?

One of the goals of this homepage is to make regional planning better known to the public and explain the instruments of regional planning in a clear and accessible manner.

As a visitor to this web page you receive, among other things, direct access to the Munich regional plan (Regionalplan). This is current and clear in its digital version.

Additionally this homepage offers all public session dates (Sitzungstermine) of the Munich regional planning association and access to the items on the agenda, collecting mains and logs. A glossary (Glossar) and a global link collection to municipalities (Gemeinden) and institutions (Institutionen) in the region are also available.

zum AnfangWhat is Greater Munich ( here the planning region Munich) ?

In the state development scheme the country of Bavaria is divided in 18 planning regions. Greater Munich (here the planning region 14) is in the centre of the Upper Bavaria governmental district and in addition to the Land capital, Munich, it covers the districts Dachau, Ebersberg, Erding, Freising, Fuerstenfeldbruck, Landsberg at the Lech, Munich and Starnberg. It is the most densely populated planning region: on a surface of approximately 5,504 km2 almost 2.4 million inhabitants live here (of it 1.2 million in the Land capital Munich).


zum AnfangWhat is the Munich regional planning association (RPV)?

The Munich regional planning association is the legally given union of all municipalities, districts and cities of Greater Munich (region 14). In Bavaria regional planning was transferred to the municipalities by the legislator. The RPV takes their place and coordinates the spatial development of the region as the carrier of regional planning. The planning association is partner of the municipalities, districts and cities. It is constituted by them and exists in their interests.

zum AnfangWhich functions does regional planning have?

By regional planning one understands the whole of over-local planning referred to the area of a planning region. The function of regional planning is above all to create the regional plan, to update it and to step in for its conversion (e.g. in the context of infrastructure measures or town and country planning). Besides also new forms of interlocal co-operation (e.g. regional management) win increasingly in meaning. Additionally regional planning also participates in national planning objectives, in the town and country planning, in schemes of regional policy and in the list of programs and plans of drawer authorities.

zum AnfangWhat is the regional plan?

The regional plan represents the planning level between the Bavarian state development scheme and the town and country planning. It thereby takes the important role of mediator between the goals of the state and the sovereign planning municipalities. The regional plan determines the spatial and structural order and development as a norm of law. Since it must be always current, in the context of updating current developments and problems are taken up (e.g. in connection with traffic, consumer markets or recreational parks). For this solutions are compiled and trained into the obligatory regional plan.

Available instruments include:

  • Regional green belt areas
  • Separation-green
  • Preference areas for the exploitation of raw materials

The regional plan binds basically all planning authorities. Beyond that there are many examples, by which one can detect the uses of regional planning.

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Of what use is the regional plan to the following?

                                    ...the citizen?

Who doesn't give importance to fresh air and clean water or residence near recovery and purchase possibilities? Protection of residence near recreation regions, fresh air beds  and other crucial considerations come about through the regional plan's defining of regional green belt areas. In so doing, the citizen profits. Classifying the preference areas for water management helps ensure the availability of clean drinking water. The "retail trade" section of the regional plan, among other things, guarantees that large-scale retail trade projects (e.g. wide shopping centres) are not to settled on the " Green meadow" in this way protecting the consumer-oriented supply of food. Thus, the purchase possibilities in the city centres are to be secured and the function of the city centres for the citizen are to be strengthened.

zum Anfang                                    ...the economy?

Regional planning also has an important bearing on the economy. Investors can be given assistance with location decisions by the regional plan. Regional planning attempts to create as positive conditions for the economy in the region as possible. By determining positive locations in the regional plan, e.g. for trade, living or retail, regional planning can be a substantial participant at the soil market. In addition, by representing so-called reservation and preference areas for the exploitation of raw materials, regional planning is an important partner for the economy.

zum Anfang                                    ...the municipalities, authorities and drawer administrations?

The regional plan contributes to avoiding bad investments and to creating planning security for local and over-local projects (e.g. town and country planning or road construction).